(High Speed Mixer)

High - speed mixers have special design of blades that provide superior mixing.

(Twin Screw Pelletizer Extruder)
Twin screw extruder counter-rotating close-intermesh twin screw extruder can obtain better feeding and conveying results. Vacuum system can effectively remove water and inpurities.
(Profile, Sheet Making Machine)
Single screw extruders are used to feed the pellets for the profile extrusion, and twin screw extruder can directly feed the powder. By the special design of screw vent of twin screw extruder, the PVC and wood fiber can mix and react very well.

Saleing for Plastic-Wood material
The process of plastic wood is similiar to that of plastics. Large scale production is available. and feel like real wood.  Different types of product are made at same time. This full new material can be perforated, planed, nailed, sawed, pasted and printed just like wood, and feels just like real wood. It is better than wood in that it is able to be recycled repeatedly.
Water-proof Nailable Flame-retardant
Sawable Drillable Planeable

Item / Model CM-PTE65 CM-PTE95
Screw Diameter mm 65 95
L/D of Screw - 22
Driving Motor HP 30 75
Output kg/hr 60~120 200~350
(Note: The output depends on the formulation of resin)


Plastic plus wood powder technology and machine equipment, from the raw material, pelletizer and products was developed by CONTINENT MACHINERY. During 98' K German Dusseldorf exhibition, it won extremely high appraisals from all at the show.

We also have a pelletizing department of plastic + wood powder, specializing in selling plastic + wood powder pellets raw material. Please do not hesitate to contact us if it meets your requirements.