Item / Model CM-PRA/HP85 CM-PRA/HP100 CM-PRA/HP120
Screw Diameter mm 85 100 120
L/D of Screw - 35 36 36
Diameter Motor HP 100 150 200
Output kg/hr 200-300 400-500 650-750
(Note: The output depends on the formulation of resin)

Patent No.:104615    

1.This line provides a forced lubrication gear box, which is quite different from common single screw extruders just using oil bath gear box. The face of teeth are precisely burnished, and have an excellent wear-resistance effect. The line is low noise.
2. Reduction gear utilizing DC drive can provide versatile and stable speed to meet different extrusion purposes.
3. High mixing, high dispersion screw design results in double output rate when compared with other suppliers' equivalent type extruder.
4. The aluminum barrel is included.
5. Adopts PID control system to get accurate temperature setting value of approx. 3 degree.
6. Vacuum device removes moisure, gas, and volatiles to ensure good quality.
7. The line is low noise, high-output, and with low power consumption to totally meet customer's requirements.
8. Application: Suitable for material ABS, PC, PE, PP, POM, ABS/PC, engineering plastic, and so on. Pelletizing coloring and compounding.