Standard Type High Speed Type



Driving Motor(HP)

40 125 30 175 300 250/400 700 1000

Motor Rotating Speed

1750 1750 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1500


Diameter (mm) 45 75 32 58 70 77 92 112
Channel Depth (mm) 6 10 5.8 10 13.5 12/13 16 22
L/D 34~48 34~48 32~48 36~48 34~48 36~48 34~48 36~48
Max Rotating Speed (rpm) 300 300 600 600 600 400/600 600 500
Torque (N-M/Shaft) 480 1580 400 2546 4456 4776/6208 9932 18140

Nitrided Steel


Heating Zone 8 11 9 9 9 9 9 9
Heating Capacity (kw)
3 7 1.8 6 7 8 9 11
Cooling Type


Material Nitrided Steel Nitrided Steel & Special Alloy

It depends on polymer characteristics, formulation and the display of screw elements

(Note : The output depends on the formulation of resin)

After many years of efforts and development, Continent proudly manufactures a high performance Co-rotating, Selfwiping Twin Screw Extruder. Its typical processes include the conversion of powder into pellets, modification with fillers or reinforcing material, engineering plastic composites, alloying, masterbatch production with high concentration, TPU reaction pellets, etc. The extruder is a co-rotating and closely intermeshing Twin Screw System, and the screw geometry is basically a ball type configuration, which can run at high speed without local pressure build-up or high wear rate. Feeding material is continuously conveyed in a 8- figure flow channel, so no back flow will occur. This ensures materials have uniform residence and melt temperature, prevents melt from degradation, and keeps a stable output. Good mixing and kneading effect supplies high shear rate to obtain high output. The screw's elements can be quickly reassembled for different processes to meet customer's requirement.

Computer Control System
1.Microcomputer control system: automatic start-up function to warm up the extruder by the pre-set time. The unit can store many sets of production program setting values.
2.Easy Operation: Touch-screen input keyboard & Color Graphic Display simplifies the operation and display of the extruder's messages.
3.Easy to maintain: SCR power system & temperature control use modular hardware design, for easy module change and simple maintenance.
4.Accurate Control: Temperature controller has PID Auto Tunning function, which has a quick response to the temperature production - program.
5.Self -Diagnostic function: Can detect Extruder's system, and display alarm message on the Monitor. The malfunction can be corrected immediately.

Screw Elements :
High alloy steel, hardened and surface treated, is corrosion and wear resistant. It can be also provided with surface treatment such as Ti coating or Bimetallic elements. The processors can re-assemble conveying, mixing, and kneading elements easily & quickly by themselves according to material properties (for different processes). The screw shaft with a spline connection can be easily extracted from gear box to minimize the re-assembling time.
1. Conveying elements : conveying, degassing, increase pressure, left & right rotation type.
2. Kneading elements: plasticized material, dispersion, and left & right rotation type.
3. Mixing elements: degassing and dispersion by repeated splitting & spiral rotation.
The material adapt bimetallic steel (N1-CR), The Barrels are Multi-segment type assembly, and are made of high Alloy Steel with nitride treatment to obtain a wear-resistant, corrosion resistant effect. Each section is provided with separate heating & water Boil cooling function. Inside the barrel is installed the metal tube of wear-resistant, and it csn be changed after the metal tube wear.

Types of Barrel :
1. Feeding Type: Numbers of Barrel Sections can be supplied for different process requirements. Feeding ingredients include pellets, powder, fiber, and liquid separately.
2. Venting Type: Venting of moisture or removal of volatiles.
3. Closed Barrel type: Supplied by exact requirement.
4. Side feeding type: For additives such as glass fiber, etc.


A torque overload coupling is fitted as standard between drive motor and gearbox in order to protect the gearbox in the event of sudden stoppage of screws.

When the current limit is over-ridder, a self-acting interlock automatically switch off the drive. Similarly, If the extruder runs empty them another interlock will also operate to switch off the machine.